Women of Aspenland

The Women of Aspenland Virtual Exhibit places artifacts and archival materials—the stuff of heritage collections—within a context of meaning. It is an entry point into a region in Central Alberta that is defined by its geography—both physical and human. The lives of women are at the heart of it and their activities, over a period of nearly 100 years, are viewed against the backdrop of settlement and modern history. The website has three sections.

  • The Women—Discover the lives of the women who played a role in building community in Aspenland Region. Whether working in the home or in public life, they are all heroines.
  • Social Landscape—View the stories of women’s contribution to community in a social context that relates to historical events and social, political, economic and cultural trends.
  • The Region—Human activity takes place in a landscape that either helps or hinders efforts to build community. Discover the physical geography of the region and the communities that have given it its human dimension. While the natural region is described as Parkland, the term aspenland has been used for its poetic connotations.