Founded in 1994, the Central Alberta Regional Museum Network - CARMN is a collective of approximately forty community-based museums working together to facilitate research, publications and educational programs dealing with the heritage of Central Alberta.

The goal of CARMN is to share knowledge and resources to strengthen all member museums so that they can better served their communities. CARMN’s membership comes from an area bounded roughly by Nordegg to Donalda, Devon to Calgary, Rosebud to Banff.

Publications History

     Policy and Procedures Workbook, 2007

     Storyline: At the Heart of Your Museum      

          A Workbook for the Development of a Storyline for a Region, Museum, Exhibit or other Interpretive Product, Prepared by Anna Robertson, 2004


     The Unspoken Worlds of Aspenland: Study Circles in Memory, Tradition and Place

          A Collection Reference and Commentary, Prepared by David J. Goa, David Ridley , and Lawrie Knight-Steinbach, A joint research and collection project of CARMN, Royal Alberta Museum, and Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery, January 1998

     The Formation of Mind and Spirit

          A Collection Reference and Commentary, Prepared by David J. Goa and David Ridley  A joint research project of CARMN and Royal Alberta Museum, January 1998

     Aspenland 1998 Local Knowledge and a Sense of Place

          Edited by David Goa and David Ridley  A joint publication of CARMN with the assistance of the Royal Alberta Museum and the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery.

     Aspenland II:  On Women's Lives and Work in Central Alberta

          Edited by David Ridley  A joint publication of CARMN and the Central Alberta Historical Society.


     ***New Unlock the Past with CARMN Brochures in 2013