Kemp, Katy Jane (Lundy)

(1877 - 1968)

Katy Jane, or Jenny as she was often known, was born January 7, 1877 in Morden, Manitoba and moved to Alberta in 1887, before her 10th year. Her father Thomas Lundy ran the Alberta Hotel in Innisfail. She was married December 27, 1897 to William Hazelwood Kemp, a pioneer of the central Alberta area. Five sons and one daughter, who died in infancy, were raised by this intrepid woman after her husband died prematurely in 1921. Katy Jane established a boarding house, managed property, and became a thrifty, dynamic part of the community. She always had a happy disposition; witty at times, shrewd but fair in her dealings with trades people. Her "Bank Boys" stayed for the length of their job or until they married. "She was always good to us" is an oft repeated phrase. Katy Jane was handy with a needle, crochet hook and could restore a worn cloth into attractive doilies.

Katy Jane died in her ninety first year, February 12, 1968.

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