Finch, Beryl

As Beryl Finch left her home to work as a missionary in India, her mother stood in the doorway and said, "If prayer alone can get you to India, then you will surely get there."

As a young woman, Beryl Finch journeyed each year to the Missions Conference at Three Hill's Prairie Bible Institute. She heard about the need for missionaries and responded to the call. But her mother's poor health required her presence at home and Beryl needed to be with her.

Then, in the autumn of 1947, Beryl's sister agreed to stay with their mother and Beryl prepared to sail for India. She served for 40 years in northern India, learning to speak Urdu and Hindi. She taught at a women's residential school and helped adults learn to read and write.

She endured 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures and lived in the mud houses and tents with the people of northern India. She returned to Canada every three to five years to speak about her work and with the people who supported her.

In 1988, she retired and continues her work at the Alliance Church teaching Bible class and leading prayers for those who taking up the call to the mission field, just as she did 50 years ago.

Beryl has once again made her residence in Mirror, where she continues to serve the church and its missionary vision. We appreciate her dedicated missionary work, and wish her the very best in God's love for the rest of her years.
- Citizens of Mirror

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