Currie, Mary

Mary either walks or rides her bicycle wherever she goes. She used to live across from the school and the students named her the "Road Runner" because she could out-walk most of the students.

Once, on a cold day, friends stopped to offer her a ride in their car. Mary's response was, "No thanks, I'm in a hurry!" She never walked at a slow pace, but at what she called a "good clip."

Mary often just helps out by picking up mall or groceries, or doing errands for other seniors. She fondly recalls special friends like Nellie Tealing, Annie Woodal, Peggy Jerrold, Susan Buxton and Mrs. Burton.

She is a member of the Anglican Church, serving as a member of the altar guild. She has been a longtime member of the Bowden Friendship Centre. She has served as secretary on the Bowden Cemetery Board for 43 years. The board decided to recognize her with a plaque. The engraving was misspelled as "Curry." Mary laughed and accepted the plaque with the remark, "That's okay! I'm the spice of life anyway!"
- Elsie Nelson

Born in Nova Scotia in 1908, Mary came to Bowden in 1944. She married Arthur Currie on Robbie Burns Day, 1937. They raised two daughters, Jean and Florrie. She has given many hours to the Bowden Pioneer Museum.

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