Church, Ella M.

(1895 - 1990)

Ella Church taught Grade 1 and kindergarten for over 30 years. She had the same goal for each student: to read well, spell correctly, write neatly and calculate accurately and quickly.

Music made her classroom a joyous place. She provided professional training in solo and choral work and accompanied entrants in the Red Deer Music Festival. She helped those less musically inclined enjoy the sounds and rhythms of song.

Miss Church served as organist at the United Church for 35 years. At social functions, she played the piano and organ and raised her fine alto voice in a duet or quartet. Besides her public duties, Miss Church also cared for her ailing mother.

A dedicated teacher and gifted musician, Ella Church enriched the lives of people in Bowden and district for many years. She continued with her music after her retirement from teaching in 1962 until her death in 1990.

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