Burke, Phyllis (Davidson)

One of the most interesting times of Phyllis Burke's life took place in the 1960s. Her husband, Dave, made the decision to embark on an entirely new career, one which meant he would have to further his education.

The oldest of the Burkes' children, Corliss, was taking Grade 12 at Sundre School when her dad became a pupil in the same grade. Dave graduated, went on to university and then became a teacher at Olds school.

To provide financial support, Phyllis purchased the local Variety and Gift Store, and for 14 years ran a lucrative business, while at the same time raising five children, the youngest born after the store was purchased.

Each week, Phyllis drove to Calgary where she placed orders with 8 to 10 wholesalers. Small items she brought home in her vehicle, while large ones arrived at the store via Sundre Transport. It was a career born out of necessity, but by the time the business was sold, Phyllis had proved herself to be a highly capable businesswoman.

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