Emma Lund

     Emma Granli; born December 27, 1884 (the lastchild born to a large family) near the town of Llehammer, Norway; immigrated to Canada in1911. After the ocean crossing she traveled alone by train to Didsbury and then on to Bergen to be near her sister Tina Haug and Tina's husband. For a while she lived with and worked for two familiies east of Bergen,  helping woth household and farm chorse. Later she moved to Cranbrook, BC to be near her friend Emma Johnson and work in the Cranbrook hotel. On Augest 25,1920, Emma Granli exchanged wedding vows with Andrew Lund in Cranbrook. Two years later the young coupe purchesed a farm near Bergen that had been established by the Person family. They moved, with their first born child, Louis, into the log house. In 1923 their second child, Wesley was born in Didsbury, followed by daughter Sylvia born at home in 1928.

     Emma was a very busy woman. Aside from raising three children and managing the family home she took on responsibility for the care of the milk cows, sheep and chickens. Lucky were her beloved animals that thrive under her care. She insisted on doing all the milking and delivering the cream to Sundre once a wee by hourse and buggy. Every year Bob Jones sheared her sheep and she sold the wool. Once her ram bowed her over and she suffered a back inury that caused her greif for a long time. Water was hauled up a hill in a stone boat to a cistern. Like most pioneer women, Emma had a vegetable garden. She processed the produce from her garden as well as the wild berries that were so plentiful in thjose days. She found time for involvment in the Bergen church and ladies Aid. Emma's children attended Begen school. Norweigian was the only language spoken in the home so Louis started school unable to speak English. Eventually, the family built a bautiful home. The bergen cemetary is located at the corner of the Lunds property. After Emma's sister Tina died, Emma, dressed in white apparel, visted her sisters grave at dusk with flowers. A neighbor, driving sown the raod with a team and buggy, glanced into the cemertary, thought he was seeing a ghost, and whipped his horses into a full gallop to get away as quickly as possible.

     Emma's Hunsband (Andrew) died April 08, 1954 at the age of 75. Emma stayed on the farm for a few years before moving to Edmonton to live with daughter Sylvia. She spent her last 10 year in a nursing home at Linden. Emma died Augest 07, 1978 at the age of 93. Her son Louis and his wife Mary discribe her as a kind, hard working, down to earth person who was  great cook that never seemed to measure anything. When I look at her in pictures, especially thise taken when she was young, I see a beautiful, confidant, dignified young woman.

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