Benson, Helen (Mallot)

Helen Benson still lives in the home her father built in 1927. Born in the Gadsby Lake district, she attended school up to Grade 11 and worked on the farm.

She met her husband, Bill, when he came to work at her parent's farm, arriving after riding the freight trains and running out of money during the 1930s. They lived in Lacombe for five years while Bill served in the armed forces. When he returned, they bought the farm and raised their five children.

Helen served as a Sunday school teacher and as a member of the United Church Women at Tees since 1950. She chaired and worked as secretary for the agricultural society and worked closely with the 4-H Club. She helped organize and write the local history Land of the Lakes and belongs to the 50-plus Club. She also convenes the catering booth at the Tees Rodeo and enjoys playing cards twice a month.

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