Ure, Edith Jane Frith


I was born at Maidstone, Ontario in 1880, one of 10 children. We went as far in school as the grades were taught, then looked for a job.

I took up dressmaking and millinery in Windsor, then bought a sewing machine. One of the girls in the class joined me and we went from house to house sewing.

One of the families we worked for went to Calgary, in the North West Territories. They sent a letter asking us to come. A judge we were sewing for bought us tickets to go on a train bound for Edmonton to mark Alberta's being made a province in 1905.

In 1906 I returned to Windsor and in 1907 I married Charles Ure. We filed on a homestead, arriving in Red Deer with a train carload of settlers' effects. We were starting from scratch.

I had a family of five boys, all born at home with help from a good neighbour. We did our best to see they had a chance to take extra schooling. We were proud of the results.

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