Sargent, Frances

When the Mirror Seniors' Club needed money to continue its work, Frances Sargent decided that instead of asking town council for funding, she would raise the money through community suppers for seniors.

For the first dinner, Frances supplied the food and necessities. But the idea of seniors' suppers month caught on and soon others contributed to the dinner and work of the Seniors' Club.

For Frances Sargent, community volunteer work is a way of life. As president of the parish council of St. Theresa's Catholic Church, she co-ordinated Sunday School and taught new catechumens for 15 years. She served on the Social Planning Board and the Hall Board for 27 years. She sits on the Parlby Creek Management Board, works with the Jolly Seniors and continues as church secretary at St. Theresa's.

Through Seniors' Suppers and the work of Frances Sargent and others, people gather around a table two evenings each month for companionship and the common meal.

It is a part of human nature to sometimes fail to pay tribute to a person who does so much and sometimes receives so little in return. Your unselfish sharing of self has inspired many to get involved and to share their many talents with others … We hope you will continue to inspire us and to show us the way in the work you have so ably and willingly taken to heart. We thank God for the wonderful gift you have given to each and every one of us, in your offering of yourself to the work of the community.

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