Rankin, Marjory (Adams) Corless

(1906 - 1986)

Fay Adams was born on January 23, 1906 in Pendleton, Oregon. She was one of 10 children five boys and five girls. Fay's father was a sheep rancher and decided that he would need more land if his sons decided to farm. They decided to move north where there was still lots of land to expand. They came to Alberta in October 1917. Hazel was teaching at the time and talked her folks into letting Fay stay behind with her. In 1918 the girls joined the family in Trochu. Fay was 12 years old at that time.

It was soon time for Fay to go to high school. She went to Fairmount School which was about three miles (4.8 kilometres) away. On fine days she walked and in bad weather she rode a horse or took a democrat.

After high school, Fay joined two of her sisters in Calgary to attend Normal School. There they boarded together and pursued their education - Blanche in Nursing and Esther studied dressmaking. Fay attended Normal School to become a teacher. Edna had become a dressmaker and of course Hazel was already a teacher.

After Normal School in 1925, Fay began teaching in a little country school close to her home district of Arthurville. In 1926 an application to teach at McDougal Flats was accepted and at the end of August, Fay began her journey to Sundre. For this new adventure she wanted to look her very best and dressed accordingly. When Fay finally arrived in Sundre, she looked and felt anything but prim and proper.

She was taken to Mr. Hagen's store, where upon he asked her if she was the new teacher. She admitted that she was. He then packed her and her belongings up and drove her to the Hunter home, where she was to board.

Fay and Melvin Corless met at the Sundre School Fair, the first Friday after she arrived. In December it was decided that she would board at the Corless farm as it was only a mile from school and an easy walk. Melvin's parents were glad to have her.

Fay remained at the McDougal Flat school for 4 years. She loved her students and had many happy times with them. In 1930 Fay retired from teaching and she and Melvin Corless were married. They went on to have three children, Roy, Kay and Jack.

After 13 years of marriage, Fay went back to teaching as a substitute and in 1949 returned full time. In 1960, Fay moved to Sundre where she taught Grade 9 until her final retirement in 1967. They remained on the farm for six more years at which time their oldest son, Roy, took over.

Fay and Melvin bought a house in Sundre and lived a contented retirement until 1980 when Melvin passed away. After some time, Fay moved into Hagen Manor and later on to the Lodge. In 1984 Fay married Bob Rankin, also a resident there, and became Mrs. Bob Rankin. The two had 16 months together before Fay died on September 16, 1986. She was 80 years old.

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