Nissen, Margaret


"From the time I was six, I wanted to be a teacher. When I was 12, I heard a missionary speak and I said to God 'If I could become a missionary teacher in Nigeria I will never ask for anything else.' "

When Margaret Nissen came to Dickson from the Danish-speaking Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, she was 17 years old. She thought she would never learn English and become a missionary.

But in July 1943, after normal school and teaching for eight years, she sailed for Nigeria. There she learned Hausa, the lingua franca of Nigeria. She translated German, English and Danish texts into Hausa. She taught Nigerian women to read. Many students went on to study in England or America.

Illness brought her back to Dickson in 1975. Her health improved and she taught at the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose until 1985. She returned to Dickson; living near the Lutheran Church she represented in Africa for 30 years.

Margaret Nissen's work as a missionary carried and shaped the message of the church in the mission field and at home, a life of service and teaching. Margaret died in October, 1999.

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