MarFleet, Evelyn Alberta (Johnson)

(1914 - )

Born near Elk Point, Alberta at the family homestead on September 29, 1914, Evelyn was the second of four children born to Charles and Ella Johnson. Evelyn attended school near Elk Point and went on to St. Paul for Grade 12. She then went to normal school in Edmonton.

Upon receiving her qualifications to teach school she took a job in a one-room school at Frog Lake. She boarded with a local family and rode to school in a buggy drawn by a pair of mules. Her driver was one of the children in the family who was in Grade 12. The older boys in her class were bigger and probably not that much younger than she. Evelyn's next assignment was at Springpark - another one-room school complete with a converted granary that served as a teacherage.

When she moved on to teach in Elk Point her replacement at Springpark was Chris Marfleet. A romance blossomed and they were wed at his parent's home in Marwayne on July 2, 1939. Chris had four younger brothers (all five of them born within 6 years). Chris was the first brother to bring home his future bride and his brothers thought he had brought home an angel. However their admiration didn't prevent them from kidnapping the bride on her wedding day and hiding her away until just before the nuptials were to begin. It was all done in good fun.

Chris and Evelyn continued to teach together as a team in other rural schools near Therien and Namao. A daughter was born in May 1942; and in 1943, her husband enlisted in the air force. Evelyn went back to live with her parents at Elk Point during this time.

After the war, they took advantage of the opportunity offered to veterans to continue his education and moved to Edmonton. Evelyn was busy raising her three children. They later moved to Sundre. The superintendent of schools, Mr. Crispo, asked Evelyn to teach in Sundre. He had been superintendent of the schools she worked in previously, so knew her skills as a teacher.

Evelyn taught school in Sundre for approximately 25 years, mostly Grades 1 and 2 - launching the little ones into their careers at school. As requirements for teaching certification were upgraded, Evelyn took night classes and attended summer school to meet the new standards.

The Royal Purple benefited from her involvement. Evelyn advanced through all the chairs to Honoured Royal Lady and then went on to hold an office at the provincial level. Her musical talents were appreciated in this organization.

After Evelyn retired from teaching, she travelled with her husband to many places and her favourite stop, Las Vegas. With the death of her husband, she moved into the Foothills Lodge in Sundre. During her last years, Evelyn wanted great grandchildren and she was not shy in encouraging her married grandchildren to do this for her.

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