Lindner, Vidah (Vauthrin)

Vidah's parents, Ed and Myra Vauthrin, had arrived at their homestead in Red Lodge with three year old son Mahlon on October 25, 1903. They had lived in Iowa and Washington state previously. After spending the first winter in two shelters, they moved into their house in the spring. They used oxen for all the farm work and trips to Olds or Red Lodge. The winter of 1908-09 the family spent in a little house in Olds so that Mahlon could start school and the expected baby would be near medical help.

Vidah's mother taught the little girl to do beautiful sewing and they both won many prizes at local fairs and the Calgary and Edmonton Exhibitions for their sewing, painting, cooking, baking, canning and preserving, the prize money helping the home economy. Vidah still has the doll that she dressed in a hand-sewn long dress, shawl and bonnet all decorated with fine feather stitch and an undershirt of a wool fabric known as "nuns' veiling." At age nine she won first-prize ribbons wherever the doll was exhibited.

She married Rudi Lindner in 1939. Later a University of Alberta student wrote his thesis about Mrs. Lindner's work in industrial arts in rural Alberta and the Edmonton Public School Archives and Museum contacted her for details about her pioneer work in that field. As early as March of 1936 Vidah had written an article for the Alberta Teachers' Association Magazine entitled, Manual Arts Curriculum for Rural Schools in which she outlined the program she had successfully introduced into her teaching.

After her retirement from teaching, Vidah developed her hobby of basket making and gave lessons from Olds College to Kamloops. Her home reflects many examples of her craft as well as her woodworking skill and her love of gardening.

She has enjoyed traveling in Europe and the United States with her daughters. Elizabeth lives in Toronto where she is the CEO for Canada Hollister Co. which markets products for people needing enterostomal therapy. Elizabeth also is a volunteer board member of the Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy.

In 1989 she was awarded the President's Award for outstanding service with the association and is also a liaison officer for the world association. Carol is the regional supervisor of kidney dialysis for the David Thompson Health Region based in Red Deer. Carol's children are Christopher and Ann. Living in Innisfail makes it easy to be in close touch with Vidah who still lives in the house her father built.

"I was a pampered and beloved child, a cherished wife, a happy mother and now a grandmother. I have good health and many interests, what more could I ask?"

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